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drewlith's Character Build Guide (v0.7/vanilla commands):

Introduction: Presented here are some character builds one can go for in a run of World's Collide (and potentially other versions of FF6) to better prepare for Kefka's Tower or hard bosses in general.

Build 1: Magic/Command/Rod User:

Preferred Characters: Terra, Celes, Relm, Strago, Shadow, Sabin, Setzer, Gau, Mog, Gogo…

Weapon: Enhancer/Magus Rod Shield: Ice/Fire/Thunder/Paladin Helmet: Magus Hat/Cat Hood/Mystery Veil Body: Behemoth Suit/Minerva Relic1: Earrings/Economizer Relic2: Earrings/White Cape/Ribbon/Gem Box

Esper: Anything with +1/2 Mag Pwr, Bahamut Spells: Ultima, Quick, Cure3, Lvl 3 Elemental Spells

This one is pretty self explanatory, maximize the magic stat and make the most use out of it. Magic is the most impactful stat in the game for boosting damage, with every single point being significant. Enhancer and Magus Hat are sold in shops, magus hats being on the cheaper end and enhancers being not too bad. Enhancer also provides some nice evasion. The elemental shields or Paladin shield work great as you can learn spells from them and break them if you're ever in a bind. Otherwise, any good shield is a fine replacement. If using rods, double earrings is a must to maximize damage. Economizer can be used if you are hitting the damage cap without earrings, or in a long battle like the final battle. White Cape/Ribbon protect from the pesky mute status but are unnecessary if using rods. Gem Box is obviously really nice if using the magic command for what is essentially double damage and extra utility.For the body, you have a lot of flexibility choosing between defensive or stat boosting options.The esper choice here should be pretty self explanatory, raise your mag pwr, and learn whatever spells you need. Bahamut can take advantage of the high magic stat, being Multi Target and ignoring defense. Terra makes the best mage due to the morph command and equipment pool, but note that spells that ignore defense will not be boosted by morph. This makes Relm, who has higher magic, a better user of Ultima. Most characters can utilize this build to increase the damage of their unique commands, like Throw, Tools, Slots, etc…

Build 2: Genji Glove attacker:

Preferred Characters: Terra, Celes, Gau, Gogo

Weapon: Illumina/Ragnarok Shield: Illumina/Ragnarok Helmet: Cat Hood/Red Cap/Magus Hat Body: Snow Muffler/Genji Armor Relic1: Genji Glove/Gauntlet Relic2: Hero Ring

Esper: Str +1/2, Mag +1/2, HP +30/50/100%, Fenrir/Golem/Phantom Spells: Quick

Using the Genji Glove makes your character a lot more vulnerable to physical attacks, so the more defense and HP you can get, the better. Magus hat can be used as a cheap option to increase the damage of Flare/Pearl procs. With 2x Illumina you'll have incredible evasion, meaning you'll likely not have much issues with anything. Ragnaroks are slightly inferior defensively and cast Flare instead of Pearl, which is rarely preferred due to Pearl autocritting. Hero Ring will boost both the physical and magical damage so it's preferred but you can sub in an Atlas Armlet or Earrings if you don't have one yet. The espers are to provide a way around physical damage in a pinch, and the bonuses are for survivability or damage, both of which are important for this build. Terra and Celes can make use of the equipment in most seeds since they can equip a lot of this stuff in vanilla. Terra is better due to the Morph command though. Gau is a special mention as even his 1.5x damage rages make him more suited to this role over other characters, if only he can equip the weapons. Gauntlet is a much easier and cheaper to obtain relic, and if you don't have 2 powerful weapons to use, it can be used in place of the Genji Glove though the results won't be nearly as good.

Build 3: Offering attacker

Preferred Characters: Gau, Setzer, Locke

Weapon: ValientKnife/Fixed Dice/Atma Weapon/Sniper/Man Eater/Tempest/Scimitar Shield: Best Shield/Second Weapon from above Helmet: Red Cap/Cat Hood Body: Minerva/Snow Muffler Relic1: Offering Relic2: Ribbon/Marvel Shoes/Genji Glove

Esper: HP +30/50/100%, Odin/Raiden/Fenrir/Golem/Phantom Spells: Quick, Life3

This takes advantage of weapons that pair well with the Offering. You can be versatile with this build opting to use a shield for survivability, or a second weapon for absurd amounts of damage potentially. ValientKnife is preferred as it will deal bonus damage based on your missing health. So if you're missing 1,000 hp, that's 4×1000 extra damage in addition to normal damage, and also doesn't care about the enemy's defense! Fixed Dice, while having a slow animation, deals on average very high fixed damage, also useful for breaking through defense. Atma weapon is similar,but without the randomness. The only downside is that you must be level 50+ before it really is worth using. Sniper/Man-eater are shop options which can proc their special effects even with the offering. Tempest can too, but I'd only do it with the Gau stray cat Rage otherwise it will be underwhelming. Not much to say about the espers except that magic and strength don't really matter much here. Quick is a good spell allowing you to do two turns in a row, which with 4-8 hits each turn probably spells doom for most enemies you come across. Life3 can be used to set up ValientKnife users by having them automatically revive with low HP. Gau/Gogo is preferred if they have a rage that boosts damage but don't use the AtmaWeapon or ValientKnife with them! Otherwise Setzer is preferred since he can use Fixed Dice or Locke because he can equip knives.

Build 4: Dragoon

Preferred Characters: Mog, Edgar, Gogo

Weapon: Aura Lance/Pearl Lance Shield: Any Helmet: Any Body: Any Relic1: DragoonBoots/Gauntlet/Hero Ring Relic2: Dragon Horn

Esper: Str +1/2, Mag +1/2(Pearl Lance), Phoenix/Palidor Spells: Quick, Life2, Cure3

This is a fun build that uses the Jump command every turn. Jump will make the character dodge AoE spells, meaning that if things hit the fan while the dragoon is up in the sky, they can land after and potentially recover the party with Life/Cure spells, or Phoenix. If using Palidor you basically need a whole army of jumpers, and Gogo to mimic the Palidor esper cast since you can only cast it once per battle normally. To go along with Palidor, Gauntlet or Atlas Armlets will boost damage since the DragoonBoots are unnecessary at that point. Dragon Horn will boost damage drastically allowing for 1-3 extra jumps. Spears will double the damage of the normal fight command while jumping instead of doing the normal 1.5x with other weapons so they're preferred. Mog and Edgar make great Dragoons due to their ability to use spears.

Build 5: True Knight Tank

Preferred Characters: Celes, Shadow

Weapon: Illumina/Ragnarok/Swordbreaker/Excalibur Shield: Any Helmet: Green Beret/Cat Hood Body: Snow Muffler/Mirage Vest/Minerva Relic1: True Knight Relic2: Safety Bit/Black Belt

Esper: HP+30/50/100%, Phoenix/Fenrir/Golem/Carbunkl/ZoneSeek Spells: Cure3, Life, Life2, White Wind(?)

This build is cheap to make use of and may come in handy if you have a 4th character sitting around not doing much. The true knight will have the character equipped with it take attacks for those in the near fatal status. This can be useful when trying to revive characters since after being revived by a fenix down or Life, they'll be in critical condition. You could go out of your way to set up all your characters to be in near fatal, with something like white wind, or Phoenix. The tank will then take every single physical attack the enemy throws. Obviously the flaw to this is that aoe magic attacks will become extremely threatening. This build aims to maximize physical evasion and defense. After that, if going the Black Belt route, maximizing counter attack damage could prove of some use by using Ragnarok or Illumina since this character is likely to proc that if you have near fatal characters. It can add up. A tank makes a good healer naturally as they're likely to be healthy and alive to cast restorative magic during their turn, whilst outputting damage passively with black belt counter attacks. Celes can prevent a lot of magic attacks with her runic command and can equip good defensive gear, making her a good fit. Shadow's dog interceptor will help block attacks making Shadow a good pick as well. Aside from that, any character with supportive abilities that don't revolve around damage could be a good pick here, like edgar for his tools. Carbunkl could be a good esper to reflect magic, but watch out for spells that ignore reflect! Strago also pairs well with reflect if you have Pearl Wind, since it allows you to heal even with reflect up (It also can't be runiced!).

Build 6: Magic Evade Support/Damage Dealer

Preferred Characters: Celes, Terra, Edgar

Weapon: Enhancer/Illumina/Ragnarok Shield: Force Shield/Paladin Shield Helmet: Cat Hood/Mystery Veil Body: Force Armor/Mirage Vest/Minerva Relic1: White Cape/Marvel Shoes Relic2: White Cape/Hero Ring/Gem Box/Economizer

Esper: +1/2 Mag, HP+30/50/100%, MP+30/50%, Phoenix/Fenrir/Golem/Carbunkl/ZoneSeek Spells: Ultima, Cure3, Life, Life2, Berserk, Muddle, Mute, Slow2, Safe

Having a character capable of dodging most magical attacks and being immune to most/all status can be a great asset in Worlds Collide. Being able to reliably survive those meteos or status spells may be the difference between victory and an untimely defeat to the final battle. This build while losing out on some offensive relics can still provide serviceable damage with Ultima or by breaking rods. But if the damage is still too low for you, you could opt to use their turns for supportive gray magic, like Mute or Slow2. As always, standard white magic spells will be a great asset. White Capes may not always be necessary to hit 128% M Evade, and can be subbed with Hero Ring for damage, or Marvel Shoes for Safe/Shell/Haste/Regen. Illumina allows for even more flexibility due to its massive 50% M Evade, allowing this build to be a primary damage dealer too. Celes has high natural M Evade making her great for this otherwise Terra and Edgar also can equip what's needed to pull this build off. Probably the most versatile way to a build a character is like this, the only big weakness being physical attacks. This can be addressed by sacrificing a good deal of M Evade for something like Mirage Vest or Snow Muffler, or by using supportive espers like Fenrir. The Safe spell also may not be a bad idea.

Build 7: Physical Skills

Preferred Characters: Cyan, Edgar, Shadow, Sabin

Weapon: Swordbreaker/Any Shield: Any Helmet: Red Cap Body: Genji Armor/Red Jacket Relic1: Atlas Armlet Relic2: Hyper Wrist/Marvel Shoes/Ribbon/Safety Bit

Esper: +1/2 Str, Odin/Raiden Spells: Quick

While not as impressive as Magic, Vigor can be raised to increase the damage of things like Drill, Auto Crossbow, Throw, Suplex, and Quadra Slice. Having a character built this way gives a nice use for items like Red Jacket and Genji Armor… Even though the Vigor bonus doesn't help that much. What will help is a character equipped with a Strength +2 esper from very early on, late game they will excel, especially Cyan with his 7th Sword Art, the Quadra Slice. Atlas Armlet is a no brainer and Hyper Wrist can boost damage by even a little bit more since Atlas armlets don't stack, but keep in mind Vigor over 128 is useless, so you can swap it out down the road. Weapon really doesn't matter here since physical abilities have built in Bat. Pwr, so anything that boosts status or has some sort of utility will work here. The only spell that's great on this build is Quick which is good on any build, by practically doubling damage during your turn, it's especially good on Cyan to get around the Sword Art charging wasting some turns. Sabin is almost definitely better suited towards a Magic build, but in a pinch you can pummel and suplex things to death with this build. If you find a Ragnarok or Illumina, you're better off going the Genji Glove route and using Fight, this build has the added benefit of being low requirement. Without Str +2 early it may be underwhelming however.