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How To Play

1. Obtain ROM

Obtain a Final Fantasy III Version 1.0 US ROM. FF6WC will automatically validate the uploaded ROM file and return an error if it does not match the expected sha256 value. Headered and unheadered ROMs are both acceptable.

2. Choose Settings And Generate Game

Visit FF6WC and choose your desired settings. By default, the recommended “New Player” preset is selected and does not require any changes. Please feel free to learn more about the various flags available and experiment as desired.

After the desired flags have been chosen, scroll to the bottom of the page, select the ROM file from step 1, complete the Captcha, and click “Generate”. A download prompt will appear containing a modified ROM and log file.

3. Play

The most common method of playing a modified ROM is through an SNES emulator. Various other tools are also available including trackers to keep track of checks completed/available and characters/espers found.

New players are encouraged to begin by reading the beginner's guide and becoming familiar with the available checks while playing. There are also several additional guides available for a wide range of skill levels.

Have Fun!


Please join our discord! We strive to be a welcoming and helpful community and are always happy to help with any issues.

Also be sure to check the FAQ and glossary or let us know if there is anything we missed.