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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a ROM?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a ROM or link to anywhere one may be available.

Final Fantasy III vs Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI was originally released in the US as Final Fantasy III on the SNES. Later, when more titles were released in the US the name was updated to indicate its actual place in the series. This wiki and many other websites use the updated name Final Fantasy VI, however, others may still refer to it as Final Fantasy III.

How do I read flags?
Worlds Collide endeavors to allow a high degree of customization and freedom to play as desired. The resulting large number of possible flags are not intended to be memorized by users. Instead, the log file bundled with each game and displayed on the share page provides an overview of chosen options. Additionally, flags can be copy-pasted into the textbox at the bottom of to be easily reviewed and modified.

Shuffle vs Random
Shuffle rearranges the original possibilities. Random allows for duplicates and often selects from all possibilities instead of only the original ones (e.g. shops and chests). Using a deck of cards as an example, shuffle changes the order of the cards and guarantees each will appear once whereas random selects a card and puts it back in the deck before selecting the next.

Why aren't enemies scaled by location?
Location based scaling promotes check linearity typically based on the game's original (and largely removed) storyline. This offers guidance to newer players familiar with the original game at the expense of player choice and replayability.

Current scaling options allow players to pursue entirely different routes and complete checks in any order (except where by design). Each check's difficulty and utility evolves depending not only on the player's prior actions, but also on when the player attempts the check. As a result of this time dimension, any possible subset of checks may be made available at any point during a seed.

Will check x be added?
Various checks are planned as future additions. However, the number of checks must be balanced with the constant 14 obtainable characters and 27 espers. The relatively small number of dead checks in Worlds Collide leads to less searching for the “correct” check and lends more weight to a players skill, knowledge, and execution.

Is this project open source?
Currently the source code for Worlds Collide is not publicly available. However, there are plans to release it in the future.

How can I donate?
Donations to Worlds Collide are not accepted. If you are interested in financially supporting the project please consider donating to a streamer, sprite artist, community member, website such as ff6hacking, or your favorite charity.

How can I help?
There are several ways of contributing to Worlds Collide and we appreciate everyone in the community who supports the project and helps it grow. Examples include:

If you are interested and unsure of how to begin please do not hesitate to join our discord and send a message!