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Events and Races

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A wide variety of events and races are frequently organized by our staff and community members incorporating themes, objective/bingo games, co-op runs, and unique flagsets. We are happy to welcome new racing participants and anyone interested in helping with event ideas, planning, and organization.

Worlds Collide Event Google Calendar (all times in Eastern Standard)

Weekly Races
Weekly community races occur at 8PM EST Thursdays and 7PM EST Saturdays. Races are organized in the Discord server, and restreams will be on the FF6 Worlds Collide Twitch channel. These races feature a wide variety of different formats including co-op, mentor, bingo, holiday, all random, and standard race presets.

Seed of the Week (SOTW) may be played for fun or as a race and often features a unique flagset involving an interesting theme or challenge. Featuring leaderboards, weekly rankings, and spoiler channels for player discussion the SOTW is a great way to get started at your convenience without any pressure.

Living Seed is a weekly async where runners get to choose different flags week after week. Be prepared for all sorts of randomness. Current rules:

  • Anyone who enters the race may change one flag. Another person entering the race cannot undo a flag you change, including choosing a flag which invalidates your choice (for example, if you choose to change the price of shop items, someone else cannot change it to Empty Shops since that would negate your choice).
  • If you change a flag that also includes a sub-flag, you can specify both (for example, if you choose “Change MP to Random Percent,” you pick what percent you want). Choosing to Enable Skip for Kefka's Tower will initially keep the same requirements as the non-skip, and you may change one of the requirements at the same time as enabling the skip.
  • After setting a flag, please use “!Setteam “flag choice”” to make it easier for everyone to check the current flags (Entering “!entrants” will list all runners and their flag choices).
  • If flags are not yet locked in place, you may change your flag until that time. Flags will be locked at 8:00 pm on the day the race begins.
  • After flags are locked in place, I will roll the seed and save the flagset. The next Runner's Choice race will begin with the flagset from the previous week.
  • Nonstandard options, such as Entrance Randomizer, are not allowed unless otherwise noted.
  • Enemy scaling flags cannot be set above 3, in order to keep difficulty from getting too high. In addition, vetoes will be allowed if the majority of runners in a given week think that a certain flag makes things unreasonably difficult.
  • Periodic resets to the flags will occur when the flagset has become too complex or difficult, in order to keep things more accessible for all players.

Draft Async is a weekly async where runners use the draft system to pick flags. An explanation of how the draft functions can be found here.

How to Participate

Whether competing or just for fun we welcome all new players of any skill level. If you are interested in participating, organizing, sharing ideas, or getting involved then please join our Discord.

  • The #how-to-play-races and #race channels will have information about how to join active races. Race rooms for community races are typically opened an hour before the start of the race.
  • Community races and events will often require you to stream your race. Please do not turn on any stream delay.
  • Please register your twitch stream with the racebot through the !setstream command. (You only have to do this once, unless you’ve changed your Twitch account)
  • The restreamer will ask for volunteers to be on the restream. If you would like to volunteer, please have your stream output set to 720p or less, with a bitrate of 2500 or less. Settings higher than that can overly tax the restreamer’s computer and the increased resolution won’t actually show up on the restream.
  • The seed is rolled about 10 minutes before the start time using the !ff6wcflags command.
  • When you have loaded the seed and are ready to start, use !ready in the race channel.
  • Do not discuss the race outside of the #races-spoilers channel while any runner has yet to complete the race.
  • Setting your stream to emote only is encouraged while you are in the race.

Special Notes if you are chosen to be a featured runner on the restream:

  • Turn off your mic.
  • Turn off stream alerts.
  • Turn off any stream delay.
  • Please have game sounds/music on, if possible.
  • Have a save from a previous game loaded and wait on an world map
  • The restreamer will let you know when you’re cropped and audio is balanced, and then you can load the seed when it’s available.
  • If the restreamer asks you to adjust your sound levels or video output settings, please do so.
  • Once you’re cropped, do not change your layout.
  • When you have finished the race, keep streaming until the restreamer lets you know you are good to cut.

Volunteering for Restreams

We are always interested in people to help run our event and weekly community race restreams on Twitch. Click here for helpful restreaming resources, including guides for each role.

  • Commentators: provide narration, context, and insight for race viewers. Usually 2 for each restream.
  • Trackers: record each racers' progress (characters/Espers/dragons found) so that viewers can follow along.
  • Restreamers: combine individual racers' streams into a single stream while also managing commentator and game audio volume levels.

Past Events & Races

Google sheet with links to past weekly community race + event/tournament seeds and VODs

Ladder Season 1
Winner: Doesnt
Runner Up: kielbasiago
Ladder Leaderboard
Event rules
Reference Document: Participants, Detailed Race Results, Links to Seeds
Weekly Results (12 weeks, each week on an individual sheet)
Ladder Seeds

A weekly free-for-all ladder starting on Monday, June 14 at 9 PM ET. No signup necessary - all races will be week-long asyncs. Joining and finishing a ladder race (including any forfeits, so don't join unless you plan to finish!) will add you to the leaderboard. Please see the event rules linked above for more details, including calculation of the Elo (ladder scoring system).

Banon's Battle Plan
Winner: kielbasiago
Runner Up: Javinat0r

Event rules
The Banon's Battle Plan draft tournament is coming! This is an event featuring a brand new race format, where you and your opponent craft the flag-set minutes before you race. Get more details on the Worlds Collide twitch channel on Friday, July 16 at 8pm ET when there will be an overview of the format/tournament with Elastoid and Edgeworth, the creators and admins of the tournament, along with an exhibition race!

The Coliseum
Winner: JackimusWedge
Runner Up: Doesnt
VODs on Youtube
Coliseum bracket
Event rules, links to seeds, and other details

This is a new Worlds Collide challenge in a bracket-style, double-elimination, 1v1 tournament! Gladiators will face off against an opponent each round in what I’m calling a semi-synchronous race. Every round will have a flagset, but each pair of gladiators will have their own seed. Not everyone in the round needs to fight at the same time, but you and your rival do! Winner advances, loser goes to the loser's bracket for one last chance at victory! Races will be restreamed on the FF6 Worlds Collide Twitch channel.

Kefka Grand Prix 2 (2021)
Winner: Xelpher
Runner Up: Jones
Weekly results

Tournament details: Kefka Grand Prix 2 is a Mario Kart style async event spread over the course of 5 weeks. Points are awarded based on who completes the seed the fastest. In the end there will be a 3 week single elimination final 4 to decide the ultimate winner.

Kefka Grand Prix 1 (2020)
Winner: Locke
Runner Up: JackimusWedge
Weekly results

Tournament details: The Kefka Grand Prix Battle Royale Tournament is a Mario Kart style async event spread over the course of 8 weeks. Each week a random participant is selected to choose the flags players will run the following week. Points are awarded based on who completes the seed the fastest. In the end there will be a 3 week single elimination final 4 to decide the ultimate winner.

Worlds Collide Battle Royale (2020)
Winner: Boo
Runner Up: Edgeworth
Weekly results