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Events & Races

A wide variety of events and races are frequently organized by our staff and community members including challenges, themes, objectives, co-op and mentored runs, bingo games, and unique flagsets. We are happy to welcome new participants and anyone interested in helping with organization or ideas.

There are several regularly scheduled events currently in progress:

The Kefka Grand Prix Battle Royale Tournament is a Mario Kart style async event spread over the course of 8 weeks. Each week a random participant is selected to choose the flags players will run the following week. Points are awarded based on who completes the seed the fastest. In the end there will be a 3 week single elimination final 4 to decide the ultimate winner.

Two 4-way KGP races are streamed each week on the Randomania channel on Twitch. Please watch our Discord announcements channel for scheduling.

Weekly community races occur at 7PM EST every Saturday on the Randomania channel on Twitch. These races feature a wide variety of different formats including co-op, mentor, bingo, holiday, all random, and standard.

Seed of the Week (SOTW) may be played for fun or as a race and often features a unique flagset involving an interesting theme, challenge, or puzzle. Featuring leaderboards, weekly rankings, and spoiler channels for player discussion the SOTW is a great way to get started at your convenience without any pressure.

Whether competing or just for fun we welcome all new players of any skill level. If you are interested in participating, organizing, sharing ideas, or getting involved then please join our Discord.

Link to the Kefka Grand Prix Seeds