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Trackers are useful third-party tools which can help a player remember what they have already completed and where to go next. Some offer additional features such as information searching and reference, maps, and customization.

Below are some recommended trackers:

EmoTracker: supports numerous games and different formats. Provides color-coded character gating information, notes, and autotracker support - Created by Eatitup_86 and Anguirel
* EmoTracker AutoTracker Setup (Snes9x-rr and Bizhawk) - Linked by Javinat0r

Web-based Autotracker: requires QUsb2Snes running and connected to emulator/flashcart/SNES Classic. Styled after the EmoTracker Gated Tracker pack variant. No need to download EmoTracker.

Illumina tracker: provides character gating information, several formats, boss and rage information, notes, and other features - Created by Drewlith

Web-based tracker: Browser tracker - Created by Rumbleminze

Checklist tracker: Mobile-friendly web-based checklist - Created by Binarynova