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Worlds Collide is the cumulative effort of countless dedicated people. A fraction of the shoulders this project stands on are listed in alphabetical order below.

Abyssonym - Creator of the Beyond Chaos randomizer (and many others!).
Assassin - Sketch bugfix, documentation, patches, code knowledge and assembly.
B0ardface - Creator of the Free Enterprise FFIV randomizer.
BenShowSly - Architect of the Character Gating game mode and responsible for numerous other event ideas, designs, tests, and late nights.
Boo - Winner of the first WC Battle Royale. Event contributor and participant. Shared ideas, feedback, and guidance.
BTB - Co-creator of Brave New World
C-Dude - Friendly and helpful community member.
Cecil - Veteran Final Fantasy VI community member active in multiple projects. Encyclopedic game knowledge and an authority on all things Final Fantasy VI. Provided ideas, balancing, formulas, and bug fixes.
ClassyBadger - Event organizer, participant and contributor. Long standing WC community member.
Dark_Falz_ - Trusted and experienced creator and organizer of many beloved community events including the KGP, Battle Royale and many SOTWs. WC and Randomania admin.
DarkPaladin- Creator of discord race bot.
DarkSlash - Advice, ideas, and testing. Member of multiple Final Fantasy VI communities.
DD_G - Early contributor, player, and event organizer.
drewlith - Creator of the Illumina tracker and challenge race preset. Event organizer and participant and contributor of numerous ideas and flags.
emberling - Veteran sprite and music hacker. Shared expertise and ideas.
Enth - Community events participant and organizer.
Fraggle - Streamer, racer, event helper and participant. Several feature ideas and testing.
franklin - Community events participant and organizer. Helpful feedback and thorough bug and feature testing.
FutureForce14 - Tireless and dedicated community event organizer and participant. Responsible for weekly KGP races and the success of many community events. Helpful, knowledgeable, and infamous seed generator.
Gi Nattak - Veteran Final Fantasy VI hacker and moderator.
HoxNorf - Expert sprite and portrait artist. Responsible for numerous ideas, sprites, and portraits.
Imperatus - One of the first WC players and supporters. Friendly and helpful community member and discord admin.
Imzogelmo - Veteran Final Fantasy VI hacker. Documented numerous regions of code and data.
Jackimus - Long standing community member and racer. Unofficial tester of @everyone
Keith_McRocks - Community events organizer and participant.
Lenophis - Veteran Final Fantasy VI hacker. In-depth knowledge of game internals and code. Creator of numerous hacks, patches, bugfixes, and features.
Madsiur - Veteran Final Fantasy VI hacker and administrator. Creator and maintainer of several FF6 hacking tools, hacks, patches, and bugfixes as well as the sprite database.
MarthSR - Original creator of the Worlds Collide discord. Central figure in the community network. Created systems for asyncs, SOTWs, races, and bots. Helped establish WC from its earliest days.
Master ZED - Documentation, guides, patches, bug explanations and fixes.
MrEntity - Immense amount of feedback and ideas. Several flag suggestions and design choices. Long standing community member, event organizer, and participant.
MrUbiq - Knowledgeable and helpful community member who discovered and helped debug several issues.
Novalia Spirit - Code documentation, dissassemblies, patches, bug fixes, hacks and internals knowledge.
Rafellows - Dedicated and reliable community member, event organizer, and participant.
Ravlin - Tireless work behind the scenes in nearly every community event. Early and active WC supporter. A trusted and dedicated organizer, participant, and discord administrator.
riversmccown - Advice and guidance. Designer, developer, and community manager of the Free Enterprise FFIV randomizer.
sk0tt - Community helper and event organizer. Designed and helped execute several popular community event ideas.
SubtractionSoup - Equipable espers optimization and maintainer of the Beyond Chaos randomizer.
Synchysi - Original equipable espers code and co-creator of Brave New World
Vamp - Early WC player and supporter. Suggested and helped test several features and ideas. Community events organizer and participant. Knowledgeable on a wide range of mods, hacks, and randomizers.
Von Marlin - Community events organizer and participant. Tested many dev features and helped with balancing.
Xyrak - General advice and ideas. Breadth and depth of experience with randomizers and racing.
Xelpher - Event contributor, participant, and skilled racer.
Zen0bian - Discovered and helped debug various issues. Suggested several ideas and an experienced racer.

…And everyone else in this wonderful community.
Every racer, runner, tracker, commentator, streamer, viewer, coder, tester, designer, spriter, player, fan, and you!

Thank you!