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Whelk:Has more HP than you think. Don't attack the shell. If its physical attacks are causing issues you can use Vanish. Vanish will stay up as long as you don’t trigger the Mega Volt counter attack. Whelk's head is vulnerable to Slow and Stop.

Vargas: If Sabin or Gogo are present, Pummel will end the fight the same as normal once Vargas is the only one left. Nothing in this fight should be dealing very high damage, so as long as you're keeping up with healing, the fight should be easy. Both Vargas and the Ipoohs are vulnerable to Blind, Slow and Stop. The Ipoohs are weak to Fire, and can be Controlled as well. They are also vulnerable to Imp, but do not Imp them because they will always critically hit if you do that. Vargas is weak to the Poison element.

Ultros 1 (half underwater): If you have a source of Vanish, the fight is already won. Aside from that, just keep everyone in the back row and you should be fine if you're at low levels. Magic Defense does nothing in this fight, so you may as well go full beans on Physical Defense. Ultros is weak to Fire and Bolt, though if you have the option, favour Bolt, as it will not provoke counterattacks like Fire will. Ultros is also vulnerable to Slow and Stop.

GhostTrain: Just toss a Phoenix Down at him. GhostTrain is also vulnerable to Instant Death, in the event that you don't have a Phoenix Down. Thus, attacks such as Snare, Antlion, X-Zone, Odin, Raiden, and the like may also serve you well. Peace Rings may be worthwhile to equip beforehand on at least one character, just for the sake of not getting immediately gimped by Evil Toot. However, X-type death(such as from Striker), or Doom will not be of use. GhostTrain is vulnerable to Fire, Lightning, and Pearl, but between the previously mentioned methods that are more ubiquitous and more efficient, as well as GhostTrain's massive Magic Defense, your mileage may vary.

Rizopas: Rizopas has low base HP, so there is a great chance of beating him before his dangerous even-numbered turns, in which it can use El Nino. Given that El Nino is really the only notable threat, equipping a Titanium, TortoiseShld, or Imp's Armor if you happen to have one will absorb his most dangerous attack. Aside from that, Rizopas is vulnerable to Lightning, as well as Berserk, Muddle, and Stop.

TunnelArmr: TunnelArmr's spells are potentially dangerous, and somewhat varied. It does have fairly low base HP so all out attack may be an option. A Wall Ring will deflect all of its dangerous attacks excluding Tek Laser, and a Rage Ring will counter all of them except for Poison. Aside from that, TunnelArmr is vulnerable to Lightning and Water, so breaking a Thunder Rod like the classic vanilla strategy will be sufficient, generally.

Kefka (at Narshe): Runic will catch both Ice 2 and Muddle. Wall Ring will deflect them as well, and supplementing it with a Relic Ring may actually be of use to counter Drain. Alternatively, just having high Magic Defense is generally more pragmatic. Naturally, Ice absorption and Peace Rings will help to deal with Ice 2 and Drain respectively. Kefka is also vulnerable to Stop.

Dadaluma: Dadaluma has a pretty complicated script that can be mostly ignored. Vanish shuts down everything he has except for Shock Wave, so summoning Phantom will basically guarantee a victory. Dadaluma is weak to the Poison element, and is also vulnerable to Imp, Mute, Sleep, Petrify, Slow, Stop, and Control.Of note is that he is not vulnerable to Instant Death itself, so casting Break or Shoat, which respect Instant Death *and* Petrity immunity will not work. If you wish to exploit his Petrify vulnerability, you must have the Deep Eye Rage, which can cast Dread. Not a reliable strategy.

Ultros 2 (The one at the opera): One important thing to remember here is that he has low HP, but every instance of him has a separate HP count. He switches once attacked after he has taken two turns. Thus, if you have high DPS with one character, but low with the other two, make sure that you don't overqueue, so that your first attack after Ultros has acted twice is with your most powerful attack to hopefully finish the fight. In the majority of circumstances, it probably won't be too relevant, as breaking a couple Thunder Rods, for example, should be sufficient to end the battle. If you have time, determine who will be hit by L.3 Muddle ahead of time if you don't suspect victory will be swift, and give that character a Peace Ring if you have one. Ultros 2 is still vulnerable to Fire, Bolt, Slow, and Stop.

Ifrit/Shiva: They have very high PDef, and can only be hit by one element. Favour Wall Rings if you have them, and non-elemental attacks that don't concern PDef, or hitting their weakness. Umaro is a passable choice here relative to other fights if you have Wall Rings due to his slam attack, and a potential Rage Ring countering Ifrit or a Blizzard Orb countering both. If you happen to not have much offense, it is possible to run away when the Espers are switching from one to the other. Ifrit is weak to Ice, and Shiva is weak to Fire.

Number 024: if you're relying on elemental damage deal as much as you can before he uses WallChange. He has no resistances until he uses Wallchange. An Imp strategy may work as well, for an easier win if you can keep up with his physical attacks. He has access to a large variety of attacks, but he will replace them with a system error if the timer reaches 10 seconds, so you likely won't see any of them. Aside from Imp, Number 024 can also die once reaching 0 MP, and can also be inflicted with Sleep.

Number 128: Killing both of his arms will grant him access to more powerful moves like Atomic Ray and Blaster, so it is often advisable to simply focus the main body. He absorbs Ice, so don't rely on Ice damage. He doesn't have too much HP, so a strong offense can potentially end the fight rather quickly. Notably, Number 128 is vulnerable to Berserk, and also Slow.

Cranes: This is a battle that is often over quickly, regardless of whether it is in victory or defeat. The majority of attacks can be countered through Wall Rings and Float, though you will have to apply Float once the battle begins if you're not using Cherub Downs. Try to avoid Fire and Lightning damage, as this can trigger the Crane's deadly counters. The left one absorbs Fire is weak to Lightning, and the right one absorbs lightning and is weak to fire. If you can't remember which one is which, stick to Water element instead, such as through Aqua Rake, CleanSweep, or Water Edge, as both are weak to it. Both Cranes are also vulnerable to Slow.

FlameEater: Wall Rings and/or Fire protection are definitely advisable here. Make sure to deal with the summoned Bombs as quickly as possible if you don't have enough damage to execute FlameEater quickly, though it may be advisable to keep one alive to prevent him from summoning more, in the event that multiple Bombs would be threatening. FlameEater doesn't have too much HP, but he has famously little MP, so if you can deal MP damage , this can be a powerful way to defeat him. FlameEater is protected against Fire, Lightning, Earth, Poison, and Holy(but not Wind), so non-elemental damage is favourable here if you don't have Ice or Water damage handy. FlameEater is vulnerable to Slow.

Ultros 3 (Esper Cave): Definitely the hardest Ultros, unless Relm is present. He has an incredibly large amount of HP, so this can be a long battle. Peace Rings are helpful to deal with Stone, and Instant Death protection is useful for Lode Stone. If you have Wall Rings, you can trigger his tri-elemental phase by attacking him with Magic, so that he will counter Fire/Ice/Lightning elemental attacks and Reflect spells back at himself. If Relm is present, ignore all of the above and just Sketch him a la vanilla. Ultros is vulnerable to Slow and Stop, as well as retaining his standard weaknesses to Fire and Lightning.

Ultros 4/Chupon: This fight is incredibly easy. Both Ultros and Chupon have hilariously low MDef, so you can deal exceptional damage against them. They also have nearly nothing to speak of in terms of offensive capabilities. Fire Ball from Chupon is the lone exception, though you'll seldomly see it, and everything else is physical. Ultros is vulnerable to Slow and weak to Fire and Lightning. Chupon is weak to Ice and Water and vulnerable to Sleep, Berserk, Mute, Slow, and Stop, all of which will make Fire Ball even less of a threat.

Air Force: This trio has three types of moves: Fire elemental, Lightning elemental, and Instant Death. If you can deal with all three at the same time on the same character, the fight is won before it has even started. If not, take this boss out as quickly as possible, as it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Depending on your sources of damage, you may find use in striking Air Force directly, as his HP is comparable(though higher) to MissileBay and Laser Gun. If you have powerful healing, you may wish to take out Laser Gun first. MissileBay is not a large threat regardless if you have Instant Death protection. If Laser Gun is killed, Air Force will summon a Speck and start charging for WaveCannon, whereas if MissileBay is killed, Air Force will start attacking. Considering all of the above, it is probably more pragmatic in most circumstances to attack Air Force directly. Regardless, all three parts are weak to Water and Lightning, and MissileBay and Laser Gun are notably vulnerable to Slow, Stop, and Control, of all things.

AtmaWeapon: This is a big one. Wall Rings, Fire protection, and Float are all very helpful here. ZoneSeek and Golem are very useful to summon here. There are two main ways to deal with AtmaWeapon: HP damage and MP damage. MP damage is often safer, but generally much slower. If he flashes as he charges for Flare Star, he will have Safe, Shell, and Haste applied. Counter this with Dispel or Rippler if possible. AtmaWeapon is also vulnerable to Slow, so this can be used as a way to remove his Haste status if applicable. If you're low enough level to cause him to start in the final phase, a greater emphasis can be placed on Wall Rings to beat his Flare counters, and Instant Death protection to beat W Wind and Quartr.


Phunbaba 1: aka Funbaba, this is essentially a free fight, but it will Bababreath away two party members. They are sent back to the airship. NOTE: THEY ARE SENT BACK TO THE AIRSHIP! It will prioritize hitting dead members over live ones, so if you hit this guy you can kill off the folks you don’t mind losing to ensure you don’t lose your main folks

Phunbaba 2: Blow Fish is likely Phunbaba's most dangerous attack, so be prepared by having more than one character present and some way of reviving. Aside, either Wall Rings or Lightning protection are quite necessary to handle Bolt 2 and Bolt 3. Phunbaba is weak to the Poison element, though this is hard to exploit to any fantastic degree aside from the Bio spell.

Tentacles: The main strategy here is to equip your characters with both Wall Ring and RunningShoes. This will ensure none of their attacks aside from their standard Battle attack will ever reach you, as Seize will not be used if your characters are never under Slow status. Alternatively, here a use for Relic Rings. If Relic Rings are paired with Wall Rings, you can deal with the Bio spells and Seize. Being undead will cause Seize to start healing you and damaging the Tentacles, and the Wall Rings may cause the Tentacles to Poison themselves. Just make sure not to heal your characters, as this will definitely make things worse than they should be. However, you can heal undead characters with Dried Meat, which can be very helpful. Make sure to unequip the Relic Rings after the battle.

Bottom Right tentacle weak to ICE, absorbs FIRE.

Top Right tentacle absorbs LIGHTNING and WATER

Bottom Left tentacle weak to FIRE and Instant Death, Absorbs WATER and ICE.

Top Left tentacle absorbs EARTH and WATER.

Favour non-elemental attacks as a catch all, or if you Instant Death the lower left one, Ice becomes your favoured element for the other three.

Dullahan: Make sure that L.? Pearl cannot hit you before entering the battle if you have time by changing the last digit of your GP. He will not use any attacks that can damage you if everyone has Wall Rings on. If this occurs, you can simply wait for him to run himself out of MP. If he takes 8 attacks, however, he will switch scripts and start using more dangerous attacks such as Absolute 0, so don't get cheeky with even one Rasp, as after that, reflected attacks will count towards the 8 attacks.If you have Ice protection, this would not be much of a big deal. Mind the physical counters and use of a damaging special attack. You cannot neglect your PDef in this fight. Assuming time is a factor, the above strategy is not time efficient. Instead, Rasp can speed things along, as Dullahan has a reasonably small MP pool. Aside, you can just exploit his Fire weakness instead, as well as Slowing him down if necessary.

Doom Gaze: His PDef and MDef are very high, so you will generally want attacks that ignore defense. Furthermore, he has a powerful physical counter, as well as powerful Ice and Wind damage. If you favour an Ice Shld to beat Ice 3, you will be weak to Aero, so keep this in mind. Wall Rings can handle Ice 3 and Doom. Make sure to have characters with levels divisible by 5 equipped with Instant Death protection, even if you don't plan on fighting him. If you're patient, and Doom Gaze is set to be able to Escape, your DPS is mostly irrelevant given that you can heal between attempts, but this isn't time efficient. A safe strategy is to have a character run and let the other 3 just deal as much damage as possible. Doom Gaze is weak to Fire and Pearl.

Chadarnook: Lightning protection is pivotal here, though Wall Rings may also suffice, though at the cost of making healing more difficult. Be wary of the phase change, and wait in the menus to not get caught off guard as often. Beware of the angel's Charm attack. If you're quick, have the character that is being targeted defend so as to give that character less turns. Attempting to run away will also cause that character to not attack your own party, but the phase change can still occur, which will break the Charm spell. This will take some time, however. You will also have to deal with Flash Rain, so having Ice or Water protection is also helpful here. The angel's special inflicts Condemned, so Instant Death protection may be helpful. The demon form is weak to Fire and Pearl.

Tritoch: This is made trivial through the use of Wall Rings or Ice protection, as the only damaging attack Tritoch has is Ice 3. If you can hit it with Fire or non-elemental magical damage, it will be very effective, as Tritoch has low MDef. Aside from that, any defense piercing damage is very beneficial here. If a physical attack that does not ignore defense is used, it will almost certainly deal single digit damage, as Tritoch has 254 PDef. Also note that any attack that has an elemental property that isn't Fire will not damage it. Debilitator may open up additional options if you happen to have access to it.

Umaro: Ice protection and PDef are all that's required, with focus on the former, as Umaro has a very limited moveset. You can Poison, Berserk, and Sleep Umaro if your defensive options are lacking. Umaro is also weak to the Fire and Poison elements, the latter of which will cause the Poison status to deal twice as much damage as it normally would.

SrBehemoth: This can be an exceptionally dangerous fight. The first phase will counter Pearl or Flare with Meteo, so never use these unless you somehow have a lot of perfect MEvade. Imp is a great strategy here, and Runic can be very helpful as well. Using Imp, applying Vanish, and setting up Runic is a great way to counter him healing Imp status through the Imp spell. SrBehemoth is also typically vulnerable to Stop/Slow. If you're using Wall Rings to deflect Ice 3, be wary, because if SrBehemoth bounces Pearl and hits himself with it, this will also trigger the aforementioned Meteo counters. Ice protection is favourable for this instead, though it is harder to find than a Wall Ring. Pearl probably isn't worth taking specific strides to protect against; just use a Phoenix Down on anyone who dies from it. The second form of SrBehemoth is trivialized by exploiting a Phoenix Down or equivalent. The first form is weak to Fire and Poison elements.

Hidon: If you have GrandTrain, there's no reason to fight this guy legitimately, and so, you can use a Phoenix Down or Revivify on him for great effect. If you would like to learn GrandTrain, keep in mind that it will deal a lot of damage, so Life 3 is ideal. Alternatively, once you kill the last Hidonite, you can potentially Jump or summon Palidor to avoid GrandTrain. Aside from that, Poison protection or Wall Rings are helpful here. The bottom left Hidonite has Reflect status, so keep this in mind. Instant Death can also take care of some of the Hidonites, so summoning Odin/Raiden can be helpful here. Hidon and the Hidonites have a myriad of elemental properties, so using non-elemental attacks as a catch all should be emphasized here.

Dream Stooges: Wall Rings and Petrify protection are both very useful here, but they can Reflect spells off themselves, so Fire/Ice/Lightning protection is also advised. Curley(the top one) should be defeated first, as he will use Pearl Wind frequently to heal, as well as use Life 2 on the others if they fall. If Curley's healing is too powerful, you can cast Sleep, or alternatively, run him out of his limited MP total. From there, Larry(the left one) is vulnerable to Instant Death, Confuse, Mute, and Slow and will also run away from the fight, and Moe is vulnerable to Stop and Berserk. As for elemental weaknesses, Curley is weak to Ice and Water, and Larry is weak to Fire.

WrexSoul: X-Zone/Odin/Raiden can be used here to deal with the SoulSavers to end the fight, like in vanilla. Aside from that, it is useful to have at least two characters with either Item or Life 3. Wall Rings are often helpful, but they can Reflect spells off themselves as well. Once you have WrexSoul out in the open, physical damage is often favourable to magical damage unless you have magical damage that ignores Magic Defense. To this end, striking with the Ragnarok in the front row is a fantastic way to deal damage. It is advisable to bring a character with Throw if you have one, because with Throw, you can kill your characters off rather easily regardless of how defensively powerful they are. Thus, if you have enough defenses, you will be the only one that can kill yourself. WrexSoul doesn't use any sort of Instant Death, so you can remove your Safety Bits and cast Doom on yourself as well. The SoulSavers like to use an MP draining special at low MP, so keep in mind that the total MP in the fight is limited if you don't have plenty of Tinctures. If you must favour defending against a single element, choose Lightning, as WrexSoul exclusively uses Lightning, unlike the Soul Savers. Additionally, the Thunder Shield incidentally halves damage from both Ice and Fire, which can be a great supplement to overall survivability. WrexSoul and the Soul Savers are weak to Ice.

MagiMaster: Ideally, you will have Life 3 for this fight. If you do, simply equip Wall Rings, cast Life 3, and wait for him to kill himself. If you do not have Life 3, the safest strategy is to have *no* Wall Rings, and equip a character with a Paladin Shield, a Ribbon/White Cape, and a Safety Bit/Memento Ring. From there, you can run him out of MP, though it will take a long time. After his MP is depleted, cast Rasp, or kill him normally.

If you don't have either Life 3 or the luxury of time, there are alternate strategies. First is to go all-in on Rasp. The easiest way to do this is to Berserk MagiMaster, Vanish yourself, and then go all out. MagiMaster will no longer be slam-dunking all his MP with his costly spells, but he won't be wasting your time with WallChange either, so the more powerful you become, the more viable this option is.

The second is to use Palidor. If you use Berserk before using Palidor strats, you will have the advantage of not having seen WallChange at all, allowing for elemental attacks to remain viable. The trick here is to queue spells in advance, so if you're not used to Memory cursor, you may wish to employ it here. For this example, we'll assume all characters have access to Ultima; swap Ultima for other attacks as required. What you want to do is lower MagiMaster's HP to reasonably close to zero. Scan can help you determine his HP, as well as using a Revivify on MagiMaster, as it always heals for 1/8 of max HP. Once he's sufficiently close to dead, select Palidor. Then, before Palidor's animation fully executes, input as many Ultima spells with other characters as you can. What will happen is that if a character with a queued attack lands, they will immediately use their queued attack before anyone else can land. Thus, if MagiMaster is one Ultima from death, whoever lands will use their queued Ultima, cause MagiMaster's Ultima death counter, and the fight will be over with the other three characters still in the air. The final method is to simply grind enough to have enough HP to surpass it. It's not a stellar strategy, but at least it's always an option present. Muscle Belts and Red Caps are also notable ways to boost your HP, or Green Berets if you have neither of the others. HP+%Espers can also allow you to require fewer levels.


These guys get their own separate section, divided into two parts. The first is a shortlist of advisable equipment. Obviously the Paladin Shld is always recommended, so include this in addition to the recommended equips below, as well as the Minerva, which catches a lot of attacks. Finally the Cat Hood at least halves all elements except for Water and Poison, the latter of which isn't present for any of these fights.

Storm Drgn: Wind prot through Thunder Shlds, maximized MDef for Rage. From there, Instant Death protection and high PDef are useful for Storm Dragon's second phase, if they don't come at the cost of the other things. If you're at low enough level to start Storm Drgn in his second phase, preparing for Rage isn't helpful, though if a character doesn't have Wind protection, high MDef will still be helpful for Aero.

Ice Dragon: Snow Muffler for Ice protection and high PDef. Ice protection otherwise is useful.

Gold Drgn: Only Wall Rings or Lightning protection are necessary.

White Drgn: Only Wall Rings or Pearl protection are necessary.

Red Dragon: Wall Rings, Fire protection, and levels that are not divisible by 4.

Blue Drgn: Water prot for CleanSweep, but Wind/Ice protection can also be useful for Aqua Rake/Flash Rain.

Skull Drgn: Fire protection is helpful, as well as Ribbons, Instant Death protection, and high PDef.

Dirt Drgn: Float or Earth protection are essentially necessary here. High PDef is also very helpful.

Now for the second section, the in-battle execution.

Storm Drgn: This dragon is a tough nut to crack. There are no cheap exploits for this one, so hit him with powerful attacks, and potentially keep a dedicated healer or two. Negating Wind through ForceField can be helpful.

Ice Dragon: Sour Mouth is a fantastic counter, inflicting Confuse, Mute, Poison, and Blind on the Ice Dragon simultaneously. Aside from that, Tools is very helpful between Bio Blaster and NoiseBlaster. Magic will suffice as well. Mute can allow you to ignore N. Cross and Absolute 0, and Muddle allows you to ignore all of his attacks if you can keep it up persistently. If attacking a non-Muddled Ice Dragon, be mindful of his counterattacks. Note that Float will not help you against Surge. Finally, Ice Dragon is also vulnerable to Berserk, if his Ice attacks are proving to be too threatening.

Gold Drgn: If you have Lightning protection, this one is trivial. He is vulnerable to Poison, so this may help kill him faster. If you have Rflect, he will cast Rflect on himself. He may also have physical attacks to deal with, though they are not powerful. You can also Berserk Gold Drgn if you don't have sufficient means of handling his elemental attacks.

White Drgn: If you have Wall Rings on, this fight is over. He's vulnerable to Mute in vanilla, so this in particular will be effective as well. Stop can also be helpful if neither of the other options are present. Once you've hard countered White Drgn through whatever means, there's nothing else to deal with, andyou can just kill him.

Red Dragon: Tools is a fantastic counter here, as the Red Dragon is vulnerable to Poison and Muddle. Sour Mouth will also inflict both of these statuses as well. If you're having difficulty keeping someone alive, consider not reviving them if they fall; Red Dragon has a lot of multi-target attacks, and you may find it difficult to actually revive them and heal them sufficiently well. Every 60 seconds, he will use one of Flare Star, Flare, or L.4 Flare, so make sure you're prepared for these relatively powerful attacks, or have a plan to defeat the Red Dragon before a minute passes.

Blue Drgn: This boss is not a big deal if you have proper Water protection or just high MDef in general. This guy likes to inflict himself with Slow and Rippler it on to you, so if you have high MEvade, you can dodge Rippler and leave him with Slow status. Blue Drgn can be inflicted with Poison, but this can also be Rippler'd so you may have to inflict it several times over the course of the fight if you deem it viable. Note that Rippler only occurs if you have a character with Haste status, so avoid RunningShoes or Marvel Shoes here if you want to exploit the Poison status. Aside from that, Blue Drgn uses mostly attacks that are guaranteed to target the entire party, so if a character doesn't have Water protection or high MDef, they will likely die on most turns, and are thus not worth reviving.

Skull Drgn: There are no cheap tricks here, but aside from Disaster, he has no multi-target attacks. Make sure you have plenty of Phoenix Downs and Remedies for this fight. If you have spare Relic slots for Peace Rings, they can help against Disaster's Muddle status, which is the most dangerous out of the ones it inflicts. Elf Fire can be nasty. If you have Runic, you can actually Runic Disaster, which takes most of the danger out of the fight.

Dirt Drgn: If you're relying on Float as opposed to Cherub Downs, keep one character as a dedicated Float user so as not to get caught off guard. Poison is also often useful here, especially if your PDef is too low to handle Dirt Drgn's counterattacks. Dirt Drgn is also vulnerable to Sleep, which in conjunction with Poison, can be a safe, albeit slow, way to defeat it.

Final Kefka Fights

Inferno: It is imperative to only use single target damage on Inferno himself, as killing either of the arms gives Inferno the ability to unleash his devastating Meteor attack on everyone. Kill your berserker if they are in the party, or if you're feeling confident, you can potentially wait until they get struck by Delta Hit for an exceptional tank, if they have no ID prot. The arms are often weak to Instant Death, so avoid any Instant Death attacks.They can typically be inflicted with Slow and Stop if you'd prefer to get them out of the way. Aside from that, strong elemental defense and MDef are helpful to deal with Atomic Ray, Shrapnel, and the like. Beware of Inferno's high damage special, which is used as a potential counter to everything.Slow down the offensive if you need to recover. An interesting strategy is to use Dischord on the front arm, which will lower their Shrapnel damage. Inferno itself is vulnerable to Slow if you need to allow him fewer turns. Fire and Lightning are the elements that you should protect yourself against, so if you do insist on bringing Umaro, a Rage Ring will aid his defensive abilities quite well. Inferno is weak to Lightning.

Atma: Wall Rings are advisable, as they counter his Fire/Ice/Bolt 3 spells. Float and Water protection are also helpful here. Keep in mind that Atma counters with Fight, so PDef cannot be neglected here. If he takes 12 attacks, he will start charging for Ultima. If you have Runic, this can be a great opportunity to deal damage with any attacks that do not interact with Runic. If you're low enough level to cause Atma to start in his second phase, Wall Rings can be ignored for any character that has Fire protection, as Atma will not use Ice or Bolt 3. nmbNote that Atma also has access to the devastating Meteor, so the safest option is often to burst down Atma as quickly as possible. Note that any element that isn't Fire/Ice/Bolt will fail against Atma, as he nulls the other five elements. Atma is also vulnerable to Slow.

Guardian: This guy is not very intimidating. MDef, elemental protection, and Instant Death protection can all be useful here. Mind his thrown weapon in Dadaluma's phase, as it can be potentially problematic. Make sure to have a strong offense, as Atma's phase is actually dangerous. It is very viable to simply defeat Guardian before he even gets close to Atma's phase, however. If you must favour specific elements, Lightning will be the best element to defend against, due to Diffuser, Tek Laser, and WaveCannon. Aside from that, Fire is present in the form of Atomic Ray. Guardian is vulnerable to Slow.

Doom: By far the easiest of the three statues. If you have a character that receives perfect defense as well as Ice protection through use of the Snow Muffler, Doom literally cannot hurt that character for more than 1 damage. If you do not have ForceField, you can learn it here. Watch out for R. Polarity for those characters which are lacking in PDef. Ice protection ought to be favoured, and if a character cannot survive Doom's Ice elemental attacks due to not having protection against them, it's best to leave them for dead until Doom's aura starts shaking. Wall Rings can help you survive Ice 3, but they will do nothing for Absolute 0, and prevent you from casting a party-wide Fire spell to cure Freeze status, so use them with caution. Once Doom's aura starts shaking, Doom will only use single-target attacks, so as long as you keep everyone alive, it doesn't really matter what their HP is; just keep reviving them. Doom is vulnerable to the Pearl element, so Pearl Rods in particular will deal exceptional damage. When Doom's aura starts shaking, he will gain Reflect status, as well as the mostly inconsequential statuses of Haste and Image. If you're casting Flare, however, keep this in mind. Rods broken as items will bypass Reflect, however, so no need to worry about those. If you're quite low level, Doom will start by having his aura shake, so Ice protection becomes far less important. Finally, Doom is vulnerable to Slow.

Poltergeist: Poltergeist has a lot of devastating attacks, the most notable of which is Meteo. Perfect MEvade does wonders here, as only his physical attacks and Flare Star can hit that character. Poltergeist is vulnerable to Stop, which is an extremely powerful vulnerability to exploit. You can also cast Slow to make Stop last twice as long. Poltrgeist's defenses are extremely high, so defense ignoring attacks are recommended. Poltergeist is weak to the Poison element, but it's not particularly pragmatic to exploit it.

Goddess: Prepare all of your characters with Lightning protection or Wall Rings, as well as Instant Death protection for Overcast. Do not equip Ribbons/Amulets to characters that can be hit by Overcast, as you will not be able to cure their Zombie status due to how immunities work in FFVI. Before dealing damage, apply Life 3 to all characters in preparation for Goddess's Quasar phase. If you're low leveled, do not bother with this excessively, as Goddess will start in Quasar phase and you may find yourself stuck in a Life 3 buffing loop. Flash Rain is also used, so Ice/Water protection is advised if it does not sacrifice Lightning or Instant Death protection. During battle, watch out for Charm. Throw is a fantastic asset here, as striking from the back side will boost your damage by 50%. Goddess will counter Fight with Love Token, but if you have an Offering, your attacks will ignore Love Token. Play aggressively in the hopes of defeating her before seeing Quasar.

First Tier: Before starting the final battle, you will want to equip characters with high PDef in preparation for this phase. This tier has devastating physical attacks. Start by killing Long Arm(the fiend's right arm, which is the far left target) with Instant Death. Make sure to kill Face second with either single target moves or by healing Short Arm with Revivifies. Face will counter with Quake if he dies last. Once Short Arm is alone, you can apply Vanish for a free win. This gives you the opportunity to apply buffs or kill any undesired characters so that they will be replaced in the second tier.

Second Tier: Immediately lead by Muting Magic(the far left one), and then kill Tools(the centre one) with Instant Death. You may also inflict Tiger(the bottom right one) with Poison and Seizure, as well as Hit(the top right one) with Slow and Stop. Once this has been done, kill Tiger first, as its Zombie special can be problematic. Then, kill Magic next. Once Hit is the only one left, you can reapply any desired buffs(especially if Magic Dispelled them), and then kill Hit. If you're a high level, you can Vanish your party to avoid Hit's attacks and death counter, but if you're low leveled, ensuring that Sleep's Meteo hits at the start of the third tier is very bad, and if you're low leveled, Hit's physical attacks are likely laughable anyways.

Third Tier: Girl absorbs all eight elements, so you will need to take out her limited HP pool through Ultima or other means. Sleep infamously counters with Meteo, so try to kill him in as few attacks as possible. Don't stall, however, or you may find yourself being overwhelmed by his normal Meteo turns. Once he's near death, prepare for his Instant Death special death counter. Golem and Image (through Fenrir or Mirage Vests) are useful here, but do not use Vanish, as Meteo will be guaranteed to hit a Vanished target. Try not to get wrapped up in taking the perfect party to Kefka. Instead, take out Sleep as cleanly as possible.

Kefka: This fight should ideally be won quickly before Kefka does dangerous things. If you're using Quick+X-Magic, make sure to use a defensive spell last so as not to provoke a counter. If he enters Goner phase, he will not counterattack, and so, you should play aggressively if you don't need to use a Megalixir. Don't get too wrapped up in keeping all of your buffs on in the event of Revenger. Most importantly, if you are playing on Wait mode, take some time in the menus to consider your next action.