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   * **Dried Meat** - Receive 1 Dried Meat   * **Dried Meat** - Receive 1 Dried Meat
   * **Exp. Egg** - Receive 1 Exp. Egg   * **Exp. Egg** - Receive 1 Exp. Egg
 +  * **High Tier Item** - Receive 1 of the following:  Aegis Shld, Aura Lance, BehemothSuit, Cat Hood, Dragon Horn, Economizer, Exp. Egg, Fixed Dice, Flame Shld, Force Armor, Force Shld, Gem Box, Genji Armor, Genji Glove, Genji Helmet, Genji Shld, Ice Shld, Illumina, Magus Rod, Marvel Shoes, Minerva, Offering, Paladin Shld, Pearl Lance, Ragnarok, Red Cap, Snow Muffler, Thunder Shld, ValiantKnife.  If Stronger Atma Weapon flag is on, Atma Weapon is included in this list. 
   * **Imp Set** - Receive Imp Halberd, TortoiseShld, Titanium, Imp's Armor   * **Imp Set** - Receive Imp Halberd, TortoiseShld, Titanium, Imp's Armor
   * **Illumina** - Receive 1 Illumina   * **Illumina** - Receive 1 Illumina