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-Each check sorted by character (Also check out the wonderful maps made by Mina check sorted by characterAlso check out [[|the wonderful maps made by Mina]].
-**Terra** +**Terra**\\ 
-  +[[..checks#Whelk|Whelk Gate (WoB)]]\\ 
-  * Whelk Spot -  +[[..checks#Lete River|Lete River (WoB)]]\\ 
-  Lete River - Find it by going through the Returner’s Hideout. +[[..checks#Sealed Gate|Sealed Gate (WoB)]]\\ 
-  Sealed Cave - +[[..checks#Zozo Tower|Zozo Tower (WoB)]]\\ 
-  Zozo - Ramuth’s Chair +[[..checks#Mobliz WOR|Mobliz Attack (WoR)]]\\
-  * World of Ruin Mobliz+
-**Locke** +**Locke**\\ 
-  South Figaro Cave- Tunnel Armor spot. Must go through the cave from the South Figaro Side.  +[[..checks#South Figaro Cave|South Figaro Cave (WoB)]]\\ 
-  Narshe Weapon Shop (WoR) - the option you do not pick is found in the room behind Whelk in WoB Narshe +[[..checks#Narshe WOR|Narshe Weapon Shop (WoR) Narshe Weapon Shop Mines (WoB)]]\\ 
-  Phoenix Cave+[[..checks#Phoenix Cave|Phoenix Cave (WoR)]]\\
-**Edgar** +**Edgar**\\ 
-  Figaro Castle Throne +[[..checks#Figaro Castle Throne|Figaro Castle Throne (WoB/WoR)]]\\ 
-  * Figaro Castle Basement +[[..checks#Figaro Castle Engine Room|Figaro Castle Engine (Tentacles spot) (WoR)]]\\ 
-  * Ancient Castle +[[..checks#Ancient Castle|Ancient Castle (WoR)]]\\
-**Sabin** +
-  * MtKoltz +
-  * Collapsing House +
-  * Barren Falls +
-  * Imperial Camp +
-  * Phantom Train+
-**Shadow** +**Sabin**\\ 
-  * Gau Manor +[[..checks#Mt. Kolts|Mt. Kolts (WoB)]]\\ 
-  * Floating Continent +[[..checks#Collapsing House|Collapsing House (WoR)]]\\ 
-    * After Air Force battle +[[..checks#Baren Falls|Baren Falls (WoB)]]\\ 
-    * After Atma Weapon Battle +[[..checks#Imperial Camp|Imperial Camp (WoB)]]\\ 
-    * End of FC +[[..checks#Phantom Train|Phantom Train (WoB)]]\\
-  * Veldt Cave+
-**Cyan** +**Shadow**\\ 
-  * Doma Castle +[[..checks#Gau's Father'House|Gau's Father's House (WoB)]]\\ 
-  * Cyan’Dreams +[[..checks#Floating Continent|Floating Continent (WoB)]]: Floating Cont. Arrive (Air Force spot), Floating Cont. Beast (AtmaWeapon spot), Floating Cont. Escape\\ 
-    * Three Stooges +[[..checks#Veldt Cave|Veldt Cave (WoR)]]\\
-    * Wrexsoul +
-  *   * Throne +
-  * MtZozo+
 +[[..checks#Doma Siege|Doma Siege (Leader spot) (WoB)]]\\ 
 +[[..checks#Cyan's Dream|Cyan’s Dream (WoR)]]: Doma Dream Door (3 Stooges spot), Doma Dream Awaken (Wrexsoul spot), Doma Dream Throne\\ 
 +[[..checks#Mt. Zozo|Mt. Zozo (WoR)]]\\
-  Veldt - must have dried meatMust have less than 4 party members.  +**Gau**\\ 
-  Serpent Trench+[[..checks#Veldt|Veldt (WoB/WoR)]]\\ 
 +[[..checks#Serpent Trench|Serpent Trench (WoB)]]\\
-**Celes** +**Celes**\\ 
-  * Celes Cell in South Figaro +[[..checks#South Figaro Basement|South Figaro Prisoner (WoB/WoR)]]\\ 
-  Magitek Factory +[[..checks#Magitek Factory|Magitek Factory (WoB)]]: Magitek Factory Trash (Ifrit & Shiva spot), Magitek Factory Guard (Number 024 spot)), Magitek Factory Finish (Cranes spot)\\ 
-  * Espers +[[..checks#Opera House|Opera House Disruption (WoB)]]\\
-  * Number 024 +
-  * Cranes +
-  Opera House+
-**Setzer** +**Setzer**\\ 
-  Kohlingen Cafe +[[..checks#Kohlingen Cafe|Kohlingen Cafe (WoB/WoR)]]\\ 
-  * Darryl’s Tomb+[[..checks#Daryl's Tomb|Daryl’s Tomb (WoR)]]\\
-**Mog:** +**Mog**\\ 
-  Lone Wolf- the choice you do not pick can be found in WoR Narshe moogle room (where you would get Moogle Charm in vanilla.)+[[..checks#Lone Wolf|Lone Wolf Chase (WoB) / Lone Wolf Moogle Room (WoR)]]\\
-**Strago** +**Strago**\\ 
-  Burning House +[[..checks#Burning House|Burning House (WoB/WoR)]]\\ 
-  Ebot’s Rock +[[..checks#Ebot's Rock|Ebot’s Rock (WoR)]]\\ 
-  Fanatics Tower+[[..checks#Fanatic's Tower|Fanatics Tower (WoR)]]: Fanatic’s Tower Leader (MagiMaster spot), Fanatic’s Tower Follower (reward at the bottom after defeating the boss at the top)\\
-**Relm:** +**Relm**\\ 
-  Esper Mountain +[[..checks#Esper Mountain|Esper Mountain (WoB)]]\\ 
-  Owzer Mansion+[[..checks#Owzer's Mansion|Owzer'Mansion (WoR)]]\\
 +[[..checks#Zone Eater|Zone Eater (WoR)]]\\
-  Zone Eater +**Umaro**\\ 
-  * Umaro +[[..checks#Umaro's Cave|Umaro’s Cave (WoR)]]\\
-  * Umaro’s Cave+
 +**Not Character Locked**\\
 +[[..checks#Kefka at Narshe|Narshe Battle (Kefka spot) (WoB)]]\\
 +[[..checks#Tzen Thief|Tzen Thief (WoB/WoR)]]\\
 +[[..checks#Doom Gaze|Search The Skies (Doom Gaze spot) (WoR)]]: can be encountered while flying in the World of Ruin. If you have Setzer you can choose an option on the airship to go to the fight instantly.\\
 +[[..checks#Tritoch|Tritoch Cliff (WoR)]]\\
 +[[..checks#Auction House|Jidoor Auction House (WoB/WoR)]]\\
 +[[..checks#Kefka's Tower Prison|Kefka’s Tower Cell Beast (WoR)]]\\
-**Not Character Locked** +[[..checks#Eight Dragons]]\\ 
-  * Kefka at Narshe battle (requires at least two characters) - map below to avoid all fights. +Phoenix Cave\\ 
- +Ancient Castle - Gated by Edgar\\ 
-  * Tzen Sketchy Dude +Mt. Zozo - Gated by Cyan\\ 
-  * Doom Gaze  - can be encountered while flying in the World of RuinIf you have Setzer you can choose an option on the airship to go to the fight instantly.  +Opera House WoR\\ 
-  * Tritoch +Fanatics Tower\\ 
-  * Jidoor Auction House +Narshe WoR\\ 
-  * Atma in Kefka’s Tower +Kefka’s Tower middle path (Kefka’s Tower Dragon G) \\ 
- +Kefka’s Tower right path (Kefka’s Tower Dragon S) \\
- +
-**Kind of gated** +
- +
-//**Eight Dragons**// +
-  Phoenix Cave - Gated by Locke +
-  Ancient Castle - Gated by Edgar +
-  * Opera House WoR +
-  * Mt. Zozo -Gated by Cyan +
-  Fanatics Tower +
-  Narshe +
-  Kefka’s Tower +
-  Kefka’s Tower+